Generating B2B Marketing Leads

Have you ever considered how an IT company like Infosys provides IT asset to its 1000- plus employees? They directly buy it from another company instead of sending their manager to Best Buy for purchasing an order that large. B2B is different in execution from consumer marketing, however follows the same basic principles.

B2B marketing includes the sale of one company’s product or service to another company. No consumer is directly involved in B2B marketing. Internet technology has changed the way of B2B marketing, social media has established a two way conversation between businesses. Many Companies always find innovative ways to use social media for B2B marketing. Develop a relation through social media is the hot trend nowadays. A Survey has shown that Businesses more likely to buy from companies listing on social media. B2B marketing develops long lasting relationship between the companies.

Dan Anton | B2B Marketing

The companies that make products which are not directly in use of consumers follow B2B marketing like Glass & Steel. Many companies whose services are bought by consumer also do the B2B marketing for establishing relationship with other businesses. B2B marketers define their goal and work hard to achieve them. They target their audience e.g. Survey conducted on email marketing done wonders for its own customers based on their skillset than survey conducted by a PPC management tool.

Dan Anton created a series of software products and services focused around Business to Business Marketing. He is professionally experienced in B2B marketing and providing his services of SEO and online reputation management to their clients.


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