How to Become an SEO Expert?

Dan Anton | SEO Expert

Search Engine Optimization is very important for any business that owns a website. It’s not enough for a website to look attracting and be efficient if only a few people know about it. Word of mouth isn’t the best way of getting more visitors as well as potential clients either. So what do these businesses do? They request SEO services.

If you are a beginner SEO then you have much to learn until becoming an SEO Expert. You may have some experience about SEO by now, so you might know that you will be given a few keywords from which to build the content required. You may have used them anywhere in the content or sometimes in the title. That may not be the best idea for all web sites.

Dan Anton SEO Specialist

The placement of keywords is important. Depending on what website you’re dealing with, some keywords may need to be placed in certain phrases and parts of the content. Learn from experience: once you’ve done the SEO for a website, observe how high it ranks on various search engines. If they’re on the second page or further then there is a problem.

Your SEO content is very important when it comes to getting picked up by search engines. Google, the most widely-used search engine, is constantly changing in an effort to provide users with the best results when it comes to their search requests. If you have observed friends or relatives you may have noticed that they have different search patterns: some will type a few words and others will type whole phrases in the search bar. An SEO Specialist keeps this in mind when writing the content.

It is a bad idea to add junk text, unrelated keywords and false information in the SEO content in an attempt to increase website traffic and ranking. Why? Because search engines try their best to ensure that these practices are not only discovered but also discouraged. All websites caught using black hat SEO methods are penalized and their reputation gets ruined. If the website owner is a fair company or person, they will be mad at you for pulling this dirty trick.

Dan Anton - SEO Services

The safest way to do your job is to play by the rules and provide comprehensible, interesting and accurate content. This would make you a reputable white hat SEO. Fair businesses tend to hire white hats because they want their websites to thrive and avoid penalties instead of getting a peak for a short while and then plummeting as soon as they are seen as a fraud.

Some SEO providers work in teams of two in order to cover for their weaknesses. One will cover the technical part by coding and website, configuring while the other will cover the creative side by writing the content and providing the images. There are a few who are capable at both and choose to work solo. Whether you choose to team up or work alone, you need to know about both sides in order to maximize the benefit of the full SEO service.

Dan Anton is an SEO Expert, Entrepreneur, Product Creator and Investor. He aims to teach novices about SEO, entrepreneurship and internet marketing.


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